HACOS-NTUC ‘Total LOOK’ Workshop 个人造型改造研讨会


The Total Look Workshop for personal grooming is a comprehensive and interactive  program aimed at enhancing personal image and style for individuals seeking to present themselves confidently and professionally. The workshop is designed to provide participants with valuable insights, practical tips, and hands-on guidance to develop a cohesive and polished appearance that aligns with their personality, lifestyle, and professional aspirations.



  1. Personal Style Assessment
  2. Wardrobe Curation
  3. Grooming and Skincare
  4. Hair Styling and Make-up
  5. Body Language and Etiquette


Workshop Format:

The Total Look Workshop will be a full day program, featuring interactive sessions, demonstrations, and personalized consultations. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in one-on-one discussions with grooming experts and receive tailored advice based on their specific requirements.


Key Takeaways: By the end of the workshop, participants will:

  1. Understand their unique style and how to align it with grooming choices.
  2. Possess a curated wardrobe that reflects their personal brand and suits various occasions.
  3. Be equipped with grooming techniques and skincare routines to maintain a polished appearance.
  4. Master basic hair styling and makeup skills for everyday and professional looks.
  5. Demonstrate improved body language and social etiquette.



  1. Enhanced Personal Image: Participants will gain confidence in presenting their best selves, resulting in improved self-assurance and a positive impact on personal and professional relationships.
  2. Time and Cost Efficiency: By learning how to make appropriate grooming choices, participants can avoid unnecessary expenses and save time in shopping for and maintaining their appearance.
  3. Career Advancement: A polished and well-groomed image can have a significant influence on professional growth, leading to increased opportunities and success in the workplace.

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