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Hair & Cosmetology Association (Singapore) – HACOS conceptualises and formulates initiatives to propel the development and growth of our local businesses in the beauty, hair. make-up and nails industry by creating platforms for stakeholders to overcome challenges and improve the industry standards.


1. To be the premier leader in the hair and cosmetology industry, setting the standard for professionalism and excellence in both skills and knowledge.

2. To establish a comprehensive and industry-accredited Skills Competency Framework, providing members with the tools and resources needed to excel in their careers.

3. To leverage digitalization to drive sustainable growth and resilience, pioneering new technologies and methods to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry.


1. To provide a dynamic and interactive platform that empowers members with transferable life-long skills and elevates the professionalism of the hair and cosmetology industry.

2. To foster strong global partnerships and collaborations through mission-driven exchange programs that promote cultural exchange and professional development.

3. To embrace digitalization and sustainability as strategic imperatives, enabling the organization to maintain a competitive advantage and remain resilient in an ever-evolving industry.


1. Clarity: A clear and concise communication within the members and organization with a clear goals, mission and vision through transparent communication channels, regular updates, and well-defined roles and responsibilities.

2. Cohesion: The importance of teamwork and unity within the organization and members that should work together towards a common goal and support each other by creating positive work culture, fostering open communication, and recognizing and celebrating individual and team achievements.

3. Collaborative: The members and management of the organization will work together to achieve shared goals and objectives. This can be achieved by encouraging teamwork, promoting cross-functional collaboration, and creating opportunities for their fellow members to share their ideas and perspectives.

4. Meritocracy: Emphasizes on the importance of recognizing and rewarding the members based on their merit and performance. It means on the form of rewards will be based on the performance and contributions to be organization, rather than on factors such as tenure or personal relationships. This can be achieved by setting clear performance metrics, providing regular feedback, and creating a fair and transparent performance evaluation process.

For more information on HACOS, reach out at: www.hacos.com.sg or
Social media platform – Facebook, Instagram and Telegram @hacossg

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To provide an interactive networking platform for the industry to upgrade as learning is a source for future success.

To strengthen our collaboration together with local and overseas counterpart for events and exposure.

To attain further knowledge in continuous educational programs, enhancing skills which will eventually form a basic foundation of practice.

To guide new-comers with positive values to cultivate their interest and pave a clearer career pathway in this professional industry.

To lead the hair industry by maintaining a progressive update to provide the latest information and happenings through online media.


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