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Simon Lee


Simon is a seasoned veteran in the hairdressing industry, with a career spanning over three decades since 1990. He has demonstrated remarkable versatility, transitioning seamlessly from hands-on hairdressing to technical education and distribution. During his tenure, Simon has been instrumental in orchestrating various impactful initiatives within the industry. Noteworthy achievements include spearheading trade events such as charity cuts, educational courses, seminars, and overseas mission trips. He played a pivotal role in organizing prestigious competitions like the "Singapore Hair Design Award" and ground-breaking initiatives like "Singapore Hair SME Industry Goes Digital" and the "1st Hair & Cosmetology Industry Gala Dinner & Dance," which attracted over 1,000 trade participants. In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Simon exhibited exceptional leadership and adaptability. He led his team in swiftly devising comprehensive health and safety protocols in collaboration with local authorities, ensuring the continuity of operations for numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the hairdressing sector. Additionally, Simon partnered with the Temasek Foundation to distribute thousands of face masks and shields to frontline hairdressers and barbers, facilitating their essential services while prioritizing safety. Recognized for his expertise, Simon was appointed by Enterprise Singapore as a Hair Ambassador, tasked with educating industry professionals on adhering to health and safety guidelines during the pandemic. He also played a crucial role in assisting senior members of the industry in adopting digital tools such as Safe-Entry and Trace Together apps. As a certified Adult Educator with extensive industry experience, Simon is deeply committed to mentoring and nurturing talent within the sector. In 2019, he collaborated with his peers to develop the Industry Skills Competency Framework for the Hair and Cosmetology sector, gaining recognition and support from relevant authorities. Simon's career trajectory reflects his evolution from an apprentice to a skilled professional, mentor, and now, a respected consultant driving industry progress. He currently serves as a representative for SPC Global (Japan) Association and as a member of the People’s Association TALENT ADVISORY PANEL (TAP). Driven by a passion for innovation and professionalism, Simon firmly believes in the continuous advancement of the hairdressing trade. His mission is to inspire and empower the next generation of professionals, strengthening their dedication and elevating industry standards.

He currently acts as a representative to SPC Global ( Japan ) Association and People’s Association TALENT ADVISORY PANEL (TAP) Member.

He believes that the trade never stops advancing due to its fast-pacing trends & competitive nature. He hopes to groom the young to strengthen their passion and improve the professionalism of the industry.

Jeffrey Linus Lee

Make-Up Chairman

Chief Make-up and Hair Artist of Jeffrey Linus Lee Make-up Team with more than 13 Years of Experience. 3 entries were in the Top 10 Finalist in 2011 L’Oreal Elnett, Style Cheryl Cole hair Competition in UK, Appointed for Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Step, and constantly involve in overseas projects which pushes him beyond his limits of attaining much higher skills, the latest trends forecast and technology. Leading a team which provides make-up services like Fashion Shows, TV commercials, Feature Short Film, Theatre, Musical Performance/Concerts, Personal Make Over, Dinner & Dance, Weddings, ROM, Magazines, Private event’s Make-ups, and High Socialites Clients for both local and overseas.

K.S Lee


LEE, a highly skilled and detail-oriented financial professional with a proven track record of effectively managing financial resources. Possesses extensive experience in budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis. Demonstrated ability to streamline processes, reduce costs, and maximise profitability. Proficient in utilising financial software and tools to maintain accurate records and generate insightful reports. Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities coupled with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Adept at collaborating with cross-functional teams to achieve organisational goals and drive financial success. Committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all financial matters.

Motto : "Guardians of Financial Stability, Masters of Fiscal Strategy."

Jason Tan


Being as a hair and beauty supplier almost 18 years, he used to specialize in building and design contractor work. His previous architecture designing work has deepen his understanding and concept of ‘Beauty’, thus intrigue his interest into entering the hair & beauty industry. Besides dealing with hair products and equipment, he also provides services for beautification of salon interior designing opinions to customers. With his years of experience, he is able to give more advice and contribution for the industry.

Lisa Wong


Detail-oriented and versatile professional with a wealth of experience in administrative and personal assistant roles within the banking industry. Transitioned successfully to the hair and beauty industry in 1997, demonstrating adaptability and a passion for continuous growth. Excited to leverage my diverse skill set and industry knowledge to contribute to the success of a dynamic team. Dedicated and enthusiastic professional committed to advancing industry standards through continuous education and mentorship. Seeking opportunities to inspire and guide the next generation of professionals entering the field.

Motto : Share your Knowledge, Endeavor in Learning …

Kenny Chew

Workforce Development

Kenny started his career in the hair industry since 1988, he graduated from Pivot Point and is currently running his owns Salon business. He move on to pursue his Advance Hairdressing further in Pivot Point (Sydney). He have been both a salon manager and a hair technician for haircare products organisation before in his early days of his career.

Today, Kenny is certified competent as a trainer with his completion in the Institute Technical Education-ITE ( Train-The-Trainer ) programme and hairdressing course. He specialised in hair cut, hair-colouring and perm. He plays a part in guiding young stylists in a well rounded scope, from serving customers to salon management. He is constantly learning and keeping up on new methods to improve on his skills, regardless of it being courses or seminar form.

Jasmine Wong

Technical & Public Relation

Having served in the hair industry since 1990, she currently owns a Salon. She specialised in hair cut, hair-colouring and perm. She plays a part in guiding young stylists in a well rounded scope, from serving customers to salon management. She is constantly learning and keeping up on new methods to improve on her skills sets, regardless of it being courses or seminar form.

Sylvia Chew

Technical & Public Relation

Having served in the hair industry since 1982, she currently owns 2 Salons. She specialised in hair cut, hair-colouring and perm. She plays a part in guiding new young entree in a well rounded scope, from serving customers to salon management. She is constantly learning and keeping up on new methods to improve on her skills, regardless of it being courses or seminar form.

Edwin Wong

Education & Development

Edwin hairdressing journey began during his secondary school years. What was initially a part-time job during school holidays, developed his early interest in hairdressing and turned into a 17-years career spanning across countries and salons of different sizes. Upon leaving school, Edwin embarked on an apprenticeship with a boutique salon that he found though a newspaper advertisement. The hands-on training he received provided the foundation for him to progress from being a “shampoo boy” to a junior hairstylist. Even National Service couldn’t stop Edwin from refining his skills as he would perform haircuts for his platoon mates. He went on to work at one of Singapore’s largest hair salon companies and several prestigious salons known for saving fashion-forward customers. With such varied experience behind him, he found his niche and chose to specialise in haircutting.

Lai Ka-Ren

Education & Development

Ms Lai has 38 years of industry hairdressing experience and a certified WSQ Adult Educator (DACE). Graduated in hairdressing in 1985, her passionate drive to persuade further in this industry have gradually succeed in attaining the City & Guild London – Advanced Diploma in Hairdressing and Licentiateship Awards in Year 2006. Her past fruitful life-long learning journey in the industry have sufficiently earned a significant industry status for her subject matter expertise in real life salon workplace practise and relevant training needs in the uplifting and upgrading the industry.

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