Collaboration B2C Event

The purpose of Hair and Cosmetology Association (Singapore) – HACOS presence at this Business-to-Consumer (B2C) consumer exhibition was to engage consumers, showcase industry trends, and raise awareness about the association’s role in promoting professional standards and excellence within the hair and cosmetology sector.

This B2C consumer exhibition attracted a diverse audience of consumers, beauty enthusiasts, and industry professionals. It provided a platform for exhibitors to display their products, services, and expertise, with a specific focus on the hair and cosmetology industry.

HACOS  actively participated in the consumer exhibition by securing a prominent booth and conducting engaging activities to draw visitors. The association’s booth featured informative displays, promotional materials, and interactive networking. Trained professionals from the association were available throughout the event to answer questions, provide guidance, and share insights on the latest trends and best practices in the field.

Our presence at the B2C consumer exhibition was found to be notably high. Through strategic marketing efforts and effective communication, we successfully captured the attention of attendees, leading to significant footfall at their booth. Consumers expressed keen interest in learning about the association’s mission, membership benefits, and industry-related initiatives.

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