Worldskills ASEAN 2023 东南亚国家世界技能大赛

Hair & Cosmetology Association (Singapore) – HACOS is thrilled to be invited as an industry partner at WorldSkills ASEAN 2023 hosted in Singapore. The prestigious event will see HACOS active involvement in the Career Guidance Education booth (ECG) and Try-A-Skill (TAS) booth. Our industry Career Advisors engaged with visiting polytechnic, junior colleges, lower and higher secondary students, and special needs students, offering valuable insights into the exciting world of our hair and cosmetology  industry. Through hands-on experiences and interactive demonstrations, students will have the opportunity to explore various skills and careers, fostering a passion for skills pathways and empowering the next generation of skilled professionals. HACOS is excited to inspire and shape the future workforce at this remarkable event.

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