2nd Penang Hair & Beauty International Festival 第二届槟城美发美容国际节

The 2nd Penang Hair & Beauty International Festival 2023 was held in Butterworth, Penang. Organized by Penang Hairdressing Association (PHA), with the support of the Penang State Government and Tourism Board. The festival aimed to promote the hair & beauty industry in Penang, Malaysia, as well as to foster networking and skills exchanges among industry performers and leaders from different countries among the region.

A team of 7 members from Hair & Cosmetology Association (Singapore) – HACOS participated in the festival, representing the Singapore Hair and Beauty Industry. The team members were selected based on the relevant skills, experience, and achievements in both the local and international hair and beauty scene.  The team members were:

  • Ms Lai Ka Ren, a veteran hairstylist, makeup artist and educator Flair Company
  • Mr Jeffrey Linus Lee, a veteran makeup artist, hairstylist and educator from JL Makeup Team
  • Mr Sam Lim, a veteran hairstylist and colourist from Cross Hair Salon
  • Ms Ann Su, a veteran hairstylist and colourist from Cross Hair Salon
  • Mr Sean Lim, assistant
  • Ms Lisa Wong, Secretary of HACOS
  • Mr.Simon Lee, Founder of HACOS

The team participated in various activities and events during the festival, such as:

  • The opening ceremony
  • The exhibition booth, where hair and beauty products were showcased.
  • The gala dinner

The team had a fruitful and memorable experience in the festival, as they learned new skills and knowledge, gained exposure and recognition, made new friends and contacts, and enjoyed the culture and hospitality of Penang. The team also represented Singapore well and proud, as they demonstrated their professionalism, creativity, and excellence in the hair and beauty industry. Thea team received positive feedback and compliments from organisers and the media.

The team hopes to participate in the next edition of the festival, and to continue to promote the hair and beauty industry in Singapore and beyond.


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