Hair Perm Tutorial (Step-by-step) 烫发教程

Outlines on fundamental step-by-step tutorial on hair perm.

A hair perm, or permanent wave, is a chemical treatment that imparts lasting curls or waves to the hair. This tutorial aims to provide detailed instructions for a successful and safe perm application


  1. Client Consultation:
    • Begin by conducting a thorough consultation with the client to understand their hair type, history of chemical treatments, and desired outcome.
    • Assess the hair’s condition and elasticity to determine its suitability for perming.
  2. Sectioning and Preparation:
    • Divide the hair into sections, ensuring an organized and systematic approach to the perm process.
    • Protect the client’s skin and clothing with appropriate drapes and coverings.
    • Wear protective gear, including gloves and a cape, to ensure safety during the procedure.
  3. Chemical Selection:
    • Choose a suitable perm solution based on the client’s hair type and desired results.
    • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mixing and preparing the perm solution.
  4. Rod Selection:
    • Select perm rods based on the desired curl size and style.
    • Consider the client’s hair length and texture when choosing the appropriate rod size.
  5. Application of Protective Cream:
    • Apply a protective cream or lotion to the client’s scalp and hairline to prevent chemical irritation.
    • Ensure the cream does not come into contact with the hair to maintain the integrity of the perm process.
  6. Wrapping the Hair:
    • Begin wrapping the hair around the selected perm rods, ensuring even tension for uniform curls.
    • Use end papers to protect the hair and promote an even distribution of the perm solution.
  7. Chemical Application:
    • Select a relevant perm solution that suits to the hair texture and conditions.
    • Apply the perm solution to the wrapped hair, starting from the most resistant areas.
    • Follow the recommended processing time specified by the product manufacturer.
  8. Rinsing and Neutralizing:
    • Rinse the hair thoroughly to remove the perm solution.
    • Apply a neutralizer to halt the perming process and restore the hair’s pH balance.
    • Follow the recommended time for neutralization to ensure optimal results.
  9. Final Rinse and Styling:
    • Conduct a final rinse to remove any remaining chemicals.
    • Gently blot excess water from the hair with a towel and proceed with the styling process.
  10. Post-Perm Care:
    • Educate the client on proper post-perm care, including the use of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
    • Provide recommendations for maintaining the health and longevity of the perm.

Conclusion: This step-by-step hair perm tutorial aims to give a general guide through a safe and effective process, ensuring client satisfaction and the longevity of the perm results. Adhering to proper consultation, preparation, and application techniques will contribute to a successful and aesthetically pleasing outcome for clients seeking a permanent wave.


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