About us

about us

HACOS involves a group of active trade personnel who decided to make a change to improve the current state of the industry. Successfully established in November 2013. After 9 months of hard work, HACOS would finally be launched on the 9th Sept 2014!

HACOS aims to raise the standards of professionalism and commitment of the Hair, Beauty, Make-up and Nail industry. We will serve with guidance to strengthen the passion within the industry, focusing to work towards the industry’s common goals and to improve the professional image.

In the present economy, everyone needs constant improvements to progress with the fast pacing trends and its competitive nature. Hair, Beauty, Make-up and Nail services are very important in today’s  commercial and  fashion world. It also provides job opportunities to many locals across Singapore.

HACOS  hopes to  be the voice for this industry in both as a national and international platform.  The  Hair, Beauty, Make-up and Nail professionals will now have a proper avenue to look to, in overcoming their daily challenges and to enable to gain a competitive edge in this industry.

HACOS will assist in the advancements of their knowledge and skills through various educational means and to provide exposure of our local abilities on the international stage.

We will bring the industry together through interactive networking by promoting unity and sharing ideologies, as well as co-operate to organize events to showcase unlimited talents.

Being with HACOS enables you to be joining the many thousands who support the need for professionalism in sustaining a better future in the industry!  We would be delighted to be able to cultivate many more talents to represent Singapore in future international events…